Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are one of the most painful and traumatic injuries an individual might endure. The American Burn Association (ABA) reports that every year, over 486,000 burn injuries are treated. It may take an extensive amount of time for someone to recover from a severe burn injury. Treatments for burns can often be extremely complicated and costly.

The effects of a burn may not only be physical, but psychological as well. Some burns can be permanently disfiguring, even after the burn is completely healed. Burn injuries may occur:

  • While on the job where there is a risk of fire or electrocution
  • In schools or public spaces
  • In restaurants where hot beverages, open flames, and other risks may be present

If you are injured and suffer burns in any of these environments, you may be able to file a burn injury compensation claim for your injuries.

If you have suffered a burn injury while on the job or due to someone else’s negligence, call me. You may have the right to file for compensation for your pain and suffering. I have handled many burn injury cases and may be able to help you with yours. The sooner you call me and let me start working your case, the better off you will be. Remember evidence disappears and memories fade. Call me right now and let me help you.

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