Cycling Injury

Cycling is an enjoyable and challenging activity. The thrill of pushing yourself for higher speeds and steeper ascents never gets old. Not to mention the exhilaration that comes with crisp rides in the fall, winter, and spring. But the road is not always friendly.

For most drivers, “share the road” is not just a slogan. Most people are considerate, try to give us plenty of room, and pass with care. Others are… um… less considerate. Some are careless, e.g. texting. Some don’t believe we belong on the road, regardless of what the law says.

cyclist on bridge

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And the injuries. Let’s face it, when a vehicle hits a cyclist, the injuries are usually devastating. Serious road rash. Broken bones. Head injuries. And unexpected bills and lost income make the situation even worse.

If you are a cyclist who has been injured by a careless or aggressive driver, please contact me. I know what you are experiencing. The at-fault driver may have insurance, but more than thirty (30) years as a lawyer has taught me that insurance companies will find any excuse not to pay. Plus, there may be other insurance that will help you recover your losses.

I was hit from behind on my bike. The driver fled. I had a broken neck, broken ribs, and a broken leg. The best thing I did was call Doug Churdar.
~ Steve

If you have been injured due to someone else's negligence, call me today. Here is my cell phone number. (864) 918-7469.