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How Do Weather, Day, and Time Affect Motorcycle Safety?

Most motorcycle riders in South Carolina would agree that now is the perfect time of year for hitting the road. The temperature has dropped just enough that you can don all the essential safety gear without sweating, but it is not so cold that your knuckles freeze on the handlebars during long rides.

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Even when the weather conditions are perfect, though, riders still run the risk of sustaining serious injuries in a collision with a drunk, distracted, or otherwise reckless driver. Motorcycle accidents may be more likely in certain weather and at specific times of day, but there is always the chance that a crash will occur.

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Read on to learn how weather, day, and time can affect motorcycle safety:

Weather and Road Conditions

The best weather conditions for riding are clear, dry, and temperate with little to no wind. If you have no choice but to ride in the rain, make sure you wear appropriate gear and use caution.

For example, you should wear motorcycle gloves that have a built-in squeegee on the thumb so you can clear your helmet visor as needed. You should avoid riding during the first few minutes of a rainstorm because that is when the oil coating the road has risen but has not yet washed away, making conditions slick.

Day of the Week

In 2015, there were more fatal and injury-causing motorcycle collisions on weekdays than on weekends, according to the Insurance Information Institute; however, considering the fact that there are five weekdays and two weekend days, the difference is negligible and somewhat misleading

The deadliest day of the week for all traffic collisions is Saturday. Forbes reports that in general, holidays and weekends are most dangerous because of the added congestion and the fact that there are typically more drunk drivers on the roads.

Time of Day

In 2015, more motorcycle riders died in accidents that occurred between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. than at any other time of day. The next most dangerous time to ride that year was between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., which aligns with rush hour traffic and heavy congestion.

Although motorcycle collisions can occur on any day of the week at any time, the above statistics highlight the fact that accidents are more likely to happen on certain days and at specific times. Sadly, even the most experienced riders are powerless against drunk or distracted motorists.

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