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What Are the Dangers of Driving on Bald Tires?

Hurricane season is in full swing in South Carolina, and more people are stocking up on the essentials like gasoline, water, and nonperishable foods. Preparing your home for a looming storm and any potential damage is second nature for most families in the southeast, but what about your vehicle?

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When was the last time you prepared your car for hurricane season? For many, this means storing a first aid kit, some water, and road flares in the trunk in case they get stranded. What if your car is in need of some maintenance, though, or its tires are bald?

Scheduling a tune-up with your favorite mechanic is essential when preparing for foul weather. This includes replacing any bald tires because driving on them in wet conditions is incredibly dangerous and increases the risk of a collision.

Unfortunately, driving on worn tires is far more common than it should be. According to Consumer Reports, researchers assessed 11,500 vehicles in a study for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and found that almost half of them had at least one tire with tread that was half-worn. An additional 10 percent had at least one bald tire.

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Read on to learn about just some of the dangers of driving on bald tires:


Hydroplaning occurs when your vehicle loses contact with the road in wet conditions. It is essentially impossible to control a vehicle that is hydroplaning, especially if you need to stop suddenly or swerve to avoid a hazard.

Hydroplaning happens when the grooves on worn tires are not deep enough to push water away as the wheels spin, which results in the vehicle skimming across a thin layer of water instead of staying planted firmly on the ground.

Longer Stopping Distance

Vehicles with worn tires are more likely to skid when they stop short because they have less traction and thus less friction with the surface of the road. If your car’s tires are bald, it is going to require significantly more stopping distance, especially when road conditions are wet. As a result, you run the risk of causing a rear-end collision until you replace your tires.

Motorists have an obligation to maintain their vehicles to a safe standard. If you were hurt in a collision with someone who failed to ensure his or her car was safe for road travel, you may have a valid accident claim.

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