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Which 3 Statements Should You Never Make after a Collision? Greenville Accident Lawyer Insights

Even a minor collision can jolt your nerves, but accidents that cause injuries can be particularly traumatic. Head wounds, broken bones, lacerations – a crash can injure any part of the body. Some victims cannot return to work for several days or months; others require ongoing medical care that costs a veritable fortune.

Although you may not be able to avoid an accident with a negligent driver, there are steps you can take after the crash to protect your interests. You may be entitled to compensation for lost income, health-care expenses and other damages, but one mistake could hurt your chances of making a successful claim.

In particular, you must be careful about what you say to the police, the at-fault driver and the insurance company. This is where an accident lawyer may be able to help.

A personal-injury attorney can handle correspondence with insurance companies and other parties. Your lawyer can also help you avoid mistakes such as accepting a settlement offer that will not cover your future medical expenses.

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Until then, read on to learn three phrases to avoid after a car crash:

1. “It’s my fault…”

Apologizing may be your first instinct after an accident, but this can put you in a precarious position. The other driver may deny fault, and the officer may record your admission of guilt in the police report
Even if you think that you caused the crash, never admit fault or apologize. This applies to the officer at the scene, other drivers and the insurance company.

2. “I’m not injured…”

The shock and adrenaline of a car accident can mask immediate injuries. You may not feel symptoms for several hours or even days after the collision.

Do not say that you were not injured until you consult a doctor. You should undergo a medical evaluation after every crash – even if you feel fine.

During the examination, be sure to mention all areas where you feel pain. If you suffered an injury to your head and lower back, but you only mention your back pain, then it may be difficult for your accident lawyer to tie your head injury to the crash.

3. “I think…”

Saying “I’m not sure” or “I think” will not make your statements void. If an officer or the insurance adjuster asks you a question, and you do not know the answer, simply say that you do not know. Insurance companies are businesses, and they can use your statements to undervalue or deny your claim.

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